Clima ECO-programs for school kids

Ako zadrziavame dazdovu voduECO Educational Program for school kids is called EXPLORE Bioclimatic Park. 382 school kids from Zilina region visited Bioclimatic Park during 2018. In 2019 the ECO Programs were kicked off in May and will continue in June, every Tuesday and Wednesday.

"Learning by doing " is our way how to educate kids in nature. The aim is to present positive models and inspiration for better land use in Slovakia. The children become beekeepers, farmers, fruit growers, hydrologists and environment protectors regarding the present most pressing environmental problem of climate change. Bioclimatic Park is the best place for little explorers. The activities are intended to encourage the children to protect their environment following the motto "There is nothing useless in nature".


Biomasa combat climate change

exkurzia biomasa 2019 5Education should be the most important issue for a global response to climate change. BIOMASA invited the secondary school students from Krasno nad Kysucou on May 28th 2019. Program included presentation of wood waste processing for pellets production, laboratory for quality parametres determination and field trip to pellets production line. Local potential for renewable energy sources is highlighted above all. RES have the potential to be a more stable source of energy in therms of cost and present a viable economic and green alternative for the future.


Practical environmental climate eduaction that makes a difference

climate education BIOMASAThe global policy and scientific community today undoubtedly accept that human activities cause global climate change. Accordingly, important efforts are required to be made for bringing environmental climate education to one of the top priorities for a global response providing new patterns of behavior towards the climate. Although the development of environmental education is an important international objective, this area still experiences numerous problems.


Ecoclub from Ukraine visited BIOMASA

Ecoclub ukrajina23.9.2018 - Ecoclub in Rivne from Ukraine visited Association BIOMASA. This visit was a part of the information visit in Czech and Slovak republic organised with Heinrich Boll foundation from Kyjev. Several deputies of local governments from Ukraine participated, interested in future development of biomass energy co-operatives in Ukraine. Ecoclub intended to showcase the successful projects focused on renewables. The participants were interested in structure and activities as well as organisation and project activities. Successful project SMAPUDE_LIFE was presented, intended to raise awareness on the use of biomass and solar energy among various target groups in Slovakia.